(COMING SOON) Module 2: Headlines, planning & reviewing, basic marketing psychology

This month, we complete your landing page and start developing the plan for your email sequence. We also take this time to review what you’ve learned so far, particularly as a tool for learning the final of the 4 Cs, while delving into a simple three-point system for understanding your prospect’s psychological needs.

  • Week 5

    • Lesson 16: How connectivity is the key to linking Sam, your offering, and you

    • Lesson 17: Making sure your headline is relevant to Sam

    • Lesson 18: Writing your headline — and what comes after

  • Week 6

    • Lesson 19: How to appraise your new sales page before tweaking it

    • Lesson 20: Hypnotic words you can add to your copy to keep Sam reading

    • Lesson 21: A few quick tricks to round out your editing process

  • Week 7

    • Lesson 22: Why email is the best foundation for your funnel

    • Lesson 23: Understanding the objective of your email sequence

    • Lesson 24: How you’re going to get Sam into your email sequence (and keep him there)

  • Week 8

    • Lesson 25: How to frame your micro-course in a way that bypasses Sam’s skeptical reflex

    • Lesson 26: Best practices for writing email sequences

    • Lesson 27: How to build out your micro-course lessons