(COMING SOON) Module 3: Email campaign writing, 3 types of copy, ingredients of storytelling

This month, we really get stuck into email writing. There is probably no better way to practice all the fundamental skills and principles of copywriting. Especially those 4 Cs...

  • Week 9

    • Lesson 28: The only 3 types of copy you need to be able to write

    • Lesson 29: Developing rapport by avoiding perfection

    • Lesson 30: A humorous review of some key principles that will come in handy soon

  • Week 10

    • Lesson 31: Some guidelines for writing edutaining and effective emails

    • Lesson 32: Planning the next four emails in your sequence

    • Lesson 33: Limiting your offer to improve response

    • Lesson 34: A dozen ideas, with swipes, for writing great emails that Sam will open

  • Week 11

    • Lesson 35: The “active ingredients” that do the real work of making stories engaging

    • Lesson 36: How to use archetypal features in your copy — demonstrated via archetypal features

    • Lesson 37: Using narrative structure to make thought sequences more comprehensible & compelling

  • Week 12

    • Lesson 38: A squeeze campaign autopsied, with a view to understanding the numbers

    • Lesson 39: Your squeeze campaign strategy explained, with a template you can use

    • Lesson 40: A roundup of final tips and advice for finalizing your email sequence