Sitemap - 2023 - Copywriting Night School

What I'd tell myself if I were just starting out again

Lesson 54: The way ahead

Lesson 53: The four masteries of writing

Lesson 52: A quick way to leverage success pages & CTAs for about 36% more profits

Lesson 51: Some practical tips for setting up your opt-in and sales pages

Lesson 50: Some practical tips for turning your email copy into a working email sequence

Lesson 49: Assessing your options for creating landing pages & email campaigns

Lesson 48: Some tips on effective CTA design

Lesson 47: How to ensure your images don’t reduce response

Lesson 46: Considerations for navigation and search on landing pages

Lesson 45: How to format your body copy to improve readership and conversions

Lesson 44: The psychology of physical attraction applied to your landing pages

Lesson 43: Understanding Sam’s thought sequence on your opt-in page

Lesson 42: A quick refresher on writing like you talk

Lesson 41: Preparing to write your opt-in page

Lesson 40: A roundup of final tips and advice for finalizing your email sequence

Lesson 39: Your squeeze campaign strategy explained, with a template you can use

Considering my dossier? 3 reasons *not* to buy

Day 4, just before midnight: “You’re about to miss the Conversion Secrets Crash Course videos (5 min left)”

Day 4, night: “Is a small boost in sales worth $29?”

Day 4, evening: “Get intimate with FRODO…”

Day 4, midday: “‘But my website is different’”

Day 4, morning: “4 conversion secrets—which would you most like to know?”

Day 3, afternoon: “So you think conversion-rate optimization is too hard…”

Day 3, midday: “Warning: was your website professionally designed?”

Day 3, morning: “Double your traffic OR double your conversions—which should you pick?”

Day 2, afternoon: “What’s your best conversion rate?”

Day 2, morning: “Did you have this “dumb” question too?”

Day 1, morning: “Meet Morris”

Lesson 38: A squeeze campaign autopsied, with a view to understanding the numbers

Day 5, 11:45 pm: “Gone in 15 minutes (Conversion Trunkline Dossier)”

Day 5, 11:00 pm: “Did you forget?”

Day 5, 7:00 pm: “Not sure if you want this—just don’t want you to miss it”

Day 5, 8:30 am: “Sycophantic PC shill inadvertently proves the Trunkline Dossier is worth a look”

Day 4, 8:15 am: “Not sure about the Conversion Trunkline Dossier?”

Day 3, 8:45 am: “Couple of quotes I thought you’d find interesting”

Day 2, 10:05 pm: “Damn, this is kind of awkward”

Day 2, 8:45 am: “Which of these 14 marketing facts would you most like to know?”

Day 1, 8:15 am: “Just got cornered by a gang of thugs who stole $2k from me”

Lesson 37: Using narrative structure to make thought sequences more comprehensible & compelling

Lesson 36: How to use archetypal features in your copy—demonstrated via archetypal features

Lesson 35: The “active ingredients” that do the real work of making stories engaging

Lesson 34: A dozen email ideas, with swipes

Lesson 33: Limiting your offer to improve response

The truth is out — I am a desperate fraud

Sycophantic PC shill inadvertently proves the Trunkline Dossier is worth a look

Business wisdom from King Solomon

Lesson 32: Planning the next four emails in your sequence

Why eyecandy makes homepages fat (and ugly)

A baby seal walks into a club…

How to ensure failure

Underhanded conspiracy of lying friends, led by my own wife

Some little details matter—but not this one

My fake relationship with our neighbor’s goat

Big email marketing tip + a madman’s “2010 Suicide Success Pact”

The precise formula I use to get 90%+ close rates on initial consults

Would you like free coaching on 4 pieces of your own copy?

How Martin Luther accidentally went viral

St. Patrick and the marketing snakes

An intriguing quote (prophesying your future?)

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you been taught this lie?

Which of these 6 copywriting secrets would you like to know?

A reader grills me about color

A question nobody has been able to give a good answer for — answered

Can I get your feedback on this?

I’d like your candid opinion on this

“Guru Speak” decoded

Freelance honey-badgers with a bad ’tude

“I don’t see any method at all, sir”

The Prison Break marketing principle

Ever seen 2 dozen sheep on fire?

Shot a burglar last night

Taylor Swift is an idiot

Hillaryous marketing lessons

Why I tell my clients not to hire me

Why most copywriters want you to believe their job is really hard

Freelancers bamboozled by marketing homeopathy

Only open if you think copywriting is very hard & takes special talent to master

“The polar opposite of direct response copywriting”

Lesson 31: Some guidelines for writing edutaining and effective emails

Lesson 30: A humorous review of some key principles that will come in handy soon

Lesson 29: Developing rapport by avoiding perfection

Lesson 28: The only 3 types of copy you need to be able to write

Lesson 27: How to build out your micro-course lessons

Lesson 26: Best practices for writing email sequences

Lesson 25: How to frame your micro-course in a way that bypasses Sam’s skeptical reflex

Lesson 24: How you’re going to get Sam into your email sequence (and keep him there)

Lesson 23: Understanding the objective of your email sequence

Lesson 22: Why email is the best foundation for your funnel

Lesson 21: A few quick tricks to round out your editing process

Lesson 20: Hypnotic words you can add to your copy to keep Sam reading

Lesson 19: How to appraise your new sales page before tweaking it

Lesson 18: Writing your headline—and what comes after

Lesson 17: Making sure your headline is relevant to Sam

Lesson 16: How connectivity is the key to linking Sam, your offering, and you

Lesson 15: How to write your features & benefits

Lesson 14: “No vision, no decision”

Lesson 13: Making sure you give Sam enough information

Lesson 12: What to write for your fascinations

Lesson 11: Using visual contrast to increase readership

Lesson 10: Contrast—the key to engaging Sam

Lesson 9: A blueprint for writing your guarantee

Lesson 8: How to write your guarantee—and everything else

Lesson 7: How candor is the key to a successful connection with Sam

Lesson 6: How to write a guarantee that increases trust & rapport

Lesson 5: Picking what to say (and when) in your call to action

Lesson 4: The three qualities of clarity

Module 4: Opt-in page creation, aesthetic principles & go-live

Module 3: Email campaign writing, 3 types of copy, ingredients of storytelling

Module 2: Headlines, planning & reviewing, basic marketing psychology

Module 1: Landing page, basic planning, fundamental principles

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Lesson 3: Introducing the 4C Cipher

Lesson 2: Writing perfect button copy

Lesson 1: The first thing you need to do

What previous students wanted you to know

A few dozen key things you’ll learn in Copywriting Night School

The basic campaign structure that any good online copywriting course should teach

The 3 things you should focus on when learning to write copy (if you want it to make sales)

How most copywriting training sets you up to fail in lesson 1

3 questions that infallibly predict if you’re going to fail (again) at learning copywriting